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Where do I find the manual?
Set the time on the LightServe?

Connect a laptop computer to the LIghtServe. You will need a null modem cable and maybe a USB to serial converter. Run the LightServe software on the laptop. When the laptop connects to the LightServe, the 'LightServe found' message appears. Click on the button 'syncronize LightServe to this computer'. In a few seconds the correct time and date should appear on the main screen.

Error: 'Unable to connect to laptop on any com port'?

The Laptop software can only connect to the Lightserve on com ports 1 through 8. If your computer is attempting to connect to the Lightserve on a com port which is greater than 8 the software will not allow the connection.Go into the Control Panel and open up the Device Manager. You may need to click on Hardware and Sound depending on your operating system and the way it is set up. In the Device Manager select Ports (COM & LPT) and check the number of the Com Port which is connected to the Lightserve. If the number is greater than 8, you can change it by double clicking the connection and opening the Advanced tab. Assign a free Com Port number which is 8 or lower.

Using a laptop with no serial port?

Add a USB to Serial Converter to your laptop. Then plug the Null Modem Cable from the USB to Serial Converter into communication connector on the Lightserve.

Buy a null modem cable to connect a laptop to the LightServe?
How to change the battery.


  • Remove the two screws in the top cover of the LightServe. Remove the cover.
  • Locate the battery. It is the yellow cylinder (or, in a few cases, the purple cylinder).
  • Remove the battery retaining clip by inserting a small screwdriver under the sider of the clip and prying the clip away from the battery.
  • Install the new battery with the (+) terminal nearest the edge of the circuit board.
  • Snap the retaining clip back into place.
  • Plug your laptop into the LightServe and set the current time to the correct value.
How often to replace the battery?

The Lightserve battery should be changed at least every 5 years. In installations with frequent power outages, battery replacement will be required more frequently.

Buy a replacement battery?

Every Lightserve is shipped with a spare battery. Open the top cover, and you will see it clipped to the plug-in circuit board.

Using a laptop with no serial port?

Add a USB to Serial Converter to your laptop. Then plug the Null Modem Cable from the USB to Serial Converter into communication connector on the Lightserve.

Buy a replacement controller? how much does it cost?

Please contact Jim Bulmer at: Request for Quote

Warranty on the LightServe?

The standard Mandala warranty is two years from the date of purchase, for manufacturing defects. If you are able to document the installation date of the Lightserve, the two year warranty period will commence on the date of installation.Warranty does not include replacement of the backup battery.Warranty is valid only if the Lightserve controller is installed in accordance with a method approved by Mandala Controls Inc.We are aware that many Mandala Lightserve controllers are installed as components in major projects. The controllers may be specified, purchased, and installed many months before they are put into service. In such cases, we will extend the warranty as required by the engineering firm or the end user. To consider extended warranty, we require the expected in-service date for the equipment, the name of the end-user, the location of installation, the (approximate) number of Mandala controllers to be installed, and the project name.Mandala Controls Inc. will provide a letter confirming the extended warranty. To make a claim under the extended warranty, the end-user or his contractor must make reference to that letter.

Technical support for the LightServe

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Technical support on the plant site?

Please email us a Tech Support

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